The Leading Ladies of Dominos

The Highlight of My Day

Domino’s has a customer for life… me!

I was pleasantly surprised to be nibbling on a piece of their delicious pizza when I happened to glance at the cover of the box sitting on the table next to me.  This cover was like none I had ever seen before. It featured the silhouettes of Stella, Edna, Abigail, Estelle, and Nancy as some of the cows who provided the milk for their cheese. Domino’s dedicated their pizza box tops to the unsung heroes of their business- cows! I thought this cover was a nice tribute to the dairy industry.

Thanking the ladies!

Thanking the ladies!

Domino’s has really impressed me. A few years ago their pizza chain was known for thin, tasteless, and cheaply made pizzas that featured a less than desirable amount of cheese. I can still remember seeing one of their head honchoes on tv, apologizing to America how they had let pizza lovers down. They admitted their error and worked to build brand recognition and awareness.

Today their pizza features plentiful cheese and mouth-watering topics to suit anyone’s desire. Combined with their sandwiches, cheesy bread, pastas, and chicken, you have a winning recipe to please anyone’s appetite. And the best part, it’s affordable and they still deliver.

Thank you Domino’s!

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