#WhatTheMuck- Muck Boots Social Nightmare

A little dirty but they get the job done

My Muck Boots.  A lil’ dirty but they get the job done. Time will tell if I buy another pair…

As a dairy girl who spends a couple of hours in the barn each day, it’s important to have some boots that are comfy, warm, and provide cushion for my less than desirable flat feet. That is why I fell in love with my Muck Boots 3 years ago. Ever since then I have been a faithful customer, purchasing a pair each year to keep my tootsies and back happy.

Earlier this week I heard they were donating $2000 to the Human Society of the United States (HSUS). I couldn’t believe it! A company like this supporting a group who wishes to abolish agriculture and hunting? Confused I turned to Twitter where I knew I would find out what was going on. Sure enough, this news had gone viral, lighting up the hashtag #WhatTheMuck.  Customers were MAD and irate. Many promised to never by their boots again in disgust of the news. It reminded me of the Yellow Fail campaign a few years ago when Yellow Tail had promised to donate money as well to HSUS and when the agricultural population found out about it there was an uproar in protest. Needless to say they never donated to HSUS.

Muck Boots started receiving upset comments on their Facebook page on July 31 but didn’t address the rumor mill until August 5. Five days later….. This is how fire spreads even worse. Turns out the money is going to the Humane Association of Northwestern Rhode Island (HANRI) in honor of a colleague who passed away. To make matters worse, on Facebook HANRI stated they had NOT received any money from Muck Boots and asked people to stop calling. Whoever posted that wrong is probably in some hot water, wishing they had some boots to step out of what they just created. Comments are still lighting up their Twitter and Facebook page with customers who are either appauled, promising to never buy their boots again or customers who have forgiven the company.

On August 7th around 3pm they released a statement, apologizing for their wrong doing and the loyal customers they disappointed. In their damage control attempt things were made worse and there is much confusion and speculation still about what is really going on.

Social media has the power to topple governments, expose the real truth, and now cause companies to regret their actions because of what’s stuck in the muck.

muck fb post


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