10 Examples of Blogs I Like

Below are 10 examples of blogs that I enjoy reading. They include topics such as agriculture, country living, relationships, fashion, and food. In no particular order without further adieux…


The Adventures of Dairy Carrie

Carrie’s blog is aimed at sharing about life on a dairy farm and the real truth about what goes on behind closed gates! The picture on her homepage is so captivating; it immediately draws my attention every time I view the page. Carrie shares information (for example, June Dairy Month facts) that is timely and easy to understand for those without an ag background. I like how Carrie’s Twitter feed also shows up on her home page. It’s very easy to read her short posts saving me time.

Michele Payn-Knoper’s Gate to Plate Blog

Focused on communicating agriculture with the public, Michele encourages comments on her page but most importantly, takes time to respond to her viewers. She also makes her blog simple to share by putting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and LinkedIn social icons on her page. Her posts are well-written and professional and she is a true ‘agvocate,’ one of the reasons she is one of my favorite bloggers.

Living My Dream, Becoming a Vet

With an interest in animal husbandry, this blog appealed to me because I am very impressed with the author’s sincerity. In class we learned to start blogging and not stop to be effective, but in this blogger’s case, she announced her retirement from blogging because she is graduating from vet school in June. Her posts were brief and focused on helping others by sharing questions about entrance into vet school. It’s nice to read a blog that doesn’t have a narcissistic feel from the author.

Country Living

Betsy’s Backyard Blog

Oodles of pictures accompany this blog! Below each picture is a short caption making skimming the article much easier. Betsy’s photograph is located on the home page and I find it to be a nice touch because it makes her blog more personal. I am always looking for new adventures and opportunities. This blog offers a little bit of both.

The Pioneer Woman

It seems like anything you would ever want to know about country life can be found on this blog!   Her posts are so humorous, detailed, and engaging that you could probably spend all day reading. If you are more of a visual learner this is the perfect blog…. a myriad of pictures follow the text.


What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Featuring true relationship stories, this blog’s content is consistently brief and humorous making it a light read. At the bottom of the page you can easily click on the next post in the series; this makes it very addicting because you want to keep reading! Often in relationships you can’t explain a person’s actions and reading these stories makes you realize this is actually normal!


Travel Underwear: How Many Should I Pack for My Year Round Trip?

It may sound like an odd blog but in a girl’s world it’s such a pertinent question because it seems like we ALWAYS over pack! I like how she has links on the sidebar relating to checklists and guides for packing when traveling. Throughout her text she also uses a bright color to set keywords apart that link to a different website that open up in a new window.


The Messy Baker

It’s a catchy title for a blog with mouth-watering pictures. A list of tagged keywords are easily accessible at the top of the page. She also has a save and print icon conveniently located next to her recipes. I really enjoy how Charmian also uses humor and you can tell she really is passionate about baking and its okay to make a mess in the kitchen!

A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

As a food connoisseur, I love to eat- I would do it professionally if I wouldn’t gain any weight… and got paid! Brenda’s blog features recipes with pictures of delicious dishes inspiring this new thing I have been trying for me and my boyfriend- cooking. She has about 2 giveaways a month, perfect for people like me who like to win free things.

Safe and Healthy: Preserving Food at Home 

Because of my love to eat as mentioned earlier, I figured a blog about food safety might be worth investigating. The University of Wisconsin-Extension’s blog incorporates images to complement the text and tags each post with at least three keywords. This makes searching for a specific word a piece of cake. They also use narrated videos to help viewers safely learn how to preserve food. The content (ex: Grilling in the Summer) is also timely and immediately applicable.






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